Thursday, January 8, 2009

01-02-2009 Is this an ethical gift?

My friend and colleague, Vikki, had received this gift from one of her students last week. It's a key ring of a plastic fish filled with water containing LIVE fish. How long do you think these fish live for with the little oxygen this little plastic fish can hold? Vikki liberated the little guy and named him James St James. She then found more of them being sold on the street so she had gotten another with 2 fish in it so now Chadwick and Dylan Thomas swim free with James St James.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

12-31-2008 New Years Eve!

On our way to meet the gang for grub at Tsing Tao restaurant

Zak taking shaky-face pictures with Rosie who doesn't look impressed.

Up to M Club for the count down which ended up being closed...

Sulli's face is just too funny in this pic... kind of stocker-esque looking

Alan and I - big pimpin'! Hmm... and apparently I like to grab my tit when I pose for pics with him. :0)

lovin' the wires hanging from the tops of the elevator doors...

RAVE Party for the count down.

Jess and I pose for one last shot before we flee this madness and head to a less busy, loud, obnoxious venue.
To Bei Le Men.

Nice! Kelly and Sulli score a beam-like rave party light!

YES! The facial expressions in this are... amazing.

sweeeeet... me and Polly on the disco floor!

This random chinese dude ended up in quite a few shots!

I'm thinking the fogger and lights were the cause of this crazy green-infused shot! More random chinese guys.

That's a party face on Vikki, if I ever saw one... looks like she should be in Circa - Toronto... would fit right in! ;0)

EVIDENCE of Jess stepping on my foot! :-p

Jess giving the randome chinese dude a little cuddle - awe, how cute. :-D

YES! Pose for the end of night shot!